Hard rock band Rejected Gentlemen consist of Joe Snow on vocals and lyrics, talented drummer Itamar Arce, awesome guitarist Ajaz Ahmed, and amazing bassist Dearian Seepersad. Together creating music that will make you remember what good rock sounds like and should be.

With recent E.P. release "Mayhem and the Monster" delivering songs about love, loss, life, death, and all in between with groovy guitar riffs, catchy drum beats and strong vocal melodies sung like they mean it, and after recently placing in the top six in Canada in the Canadian Independent Music Video Awards for music video "Petrified Sunshine", the gents have good things in the works and are bringing their brand of music to you by online promotion and live shows. The Gents also have a follow up album currently being written.  


Press quotes

Joe Snow displays incredible vocal chops. He’s got a good sense of melody and holds a note ..... like nobody’s business. ......There’s a melancholic malevolence in these lyrics......There’s shades of Tool and other similarly excellent alternative/progressive rock bands......The drumming and guitar riffs are exceptional......The vocals bring everything together in a exquisite package” - Cam Brio

Cam Brio Music

Had the opportunity of meeting Rejected gentlemen and saw them perform....colour me impressed because I was very much that, impressed.....teenage me and current me would definitely listen to this daily......vocals are unique with a strong vibrato, killer guitar and drums....Joes voice sounds like it has kinda a mix of Eddie Vedder and Gord Downie in there....Their EP release has 5 great songs...its sure to take a listen and see what i mean” - Manic Lyones

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